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"Two dead, six living.... late high school age from the looks of them..."

In a world where a serum can bring someone back from the brink of death, a group of teens must decide which one of their two friends to bring back to life.

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FilmxFilms Studios LLC & Vangarang Productions, LLC

The lives of six teens are changed forever after a night out drinking & a fatal car crash leaves two of their friends dead. Having broken into an abandoned house & ready to turn themselves in, all hope is lost when one of them reveals a dark secret in his back pocket – a vaccine that can bring the near-dead back to life. Now torn into multiple parties & fighting amongst themselves, the group has one last night of adolescence to make amends with each other, discover themselves, and decide who really deserves to be brought back to life.

Directed by Myles Ross (Inserts - Sicily Web Fest 2019, Rage - STIFF 2018)

Producer Melynda Myrvang (Penny for Your Thoughts)

More info coming soon!

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Head to the links below, to check out some official "The House" merchandise, through our online storefronts

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The House - Trucker Hat

Grab this rockin trucker hat with from THE HOUSE; with a 100% polyester foam front, and a 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool!

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The House - Shirts

Check out the official shirt collection for the new feature film THE HOUSE Grab yourself the base white tee, or splurge a little and pick up our long sleeve, grid design!

The white tee, features Myles Ross's FilmxFilms Studios LLC. & Melynda Myrvang's Vangarang Productions logos on the back.


The House - Official Poster

Decorate your wall!

Grab a poster, or a nice metal print (check link for variable prices)


The House - Minimalist poster

Grab our original production poster! Featuring a minimalist design & festival laurels! (Currently available only in metal print)

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All Videos

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